98.7 : ‘2 days on the Great ocean walk’

Logistics / Plan

  • Friday night flight to Avalon on Jetstar
  • Pick up the hire car at Avalon airport and drive to Apollo bay (about 1h45min)


  • Take both cars to 12 Apostles and leave one there, then drive back to Apollo bay to start the walk (3hours return)
  • Start Walk from Apollo to Joanna (14.5h)
  • Stay the Night in Joanna Seaside cottage


  • Walk in the morning to 12 Apostles (13h)
  • Pickup the car and drive to Port Campbell for accomodation


  • Drive to each of the bays on the way back to Apollo Bay to pick up the first car (4h)
  • Drive from Apollo bay to Avalon (2h)
  • 8pm flight back to Sydney


Apollo bay to Joanna
The ‘River’ crossing


Leaving Joanna Seaside cottage
Joanna to 12 Apostles car park
Just West of Joanna
bombarding bat


Recover and be tourists for the day and checking out ‘Bay of Islands’, ‘The Grotto’, ‘London Bridge’, ‘Lock and Gorge before finally checking out the 12 Apostles which was the first time we saw them on the whole walk.

London Bridge
Bay of Islands

The Crew

Distance covered 98.7km

12 Apostles after the weather fined up



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Scott Griffiths

Scott Griffiths

Engineer, Consultant, Trainer, Learner, SRE, DevOps and Hiker