Creating a token on Solana + add a market ( {Token}/USDC)

  1. You would be to use an intermediary to do the minting for you (and pay for this service)
  2. Mint your own token using the solana toolkit

Lets install the solana toolkit and create a wallet that will be used to fund the minting of our token

MacOS / Linux

sh -c “$(curl -sSfL"


curl --output C:\solana-install\solana-install-init.exe --create-dirsC:\solana-install\solana-install-init.exe v1.10.8

Then Run

solana --version

Lets create a token and add some supply

For this example we 1st need to have Rust and the solana CLI installed: (there is also a js option)

$curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -sSf | sh$cargo install spl-token-cli
solana config set --url
$ solana config set --keypair ${HOME}/my-keypair.json$ solana-keygen pubkey my-keypair.json
  • Fund your wallet (minting needing some network fees). Using devnet you can try this for free using an airdrop. But for this blog we want to mint on mainet.
  • I used phantom as its super easy to use and one of the more secure solana wallets

Now to creating our token

$ spl-token create-tokenCreating token 6QSQ28juyiV5bkQ19AttaLPidtGDZbSKPbM2GrvRAAQA
Signature: 3q1sQGdpPJmEWQeo1r79bLEvgALQVMLK22X18RdC5gMMSQbpR9CSdaxTfr7Wrf9joXoXK7rckivpHBxEujFC2hBE
$ spl-token create-account 6QSQ28juyiV5bkQ19AttaLPidtGDZbSKPbM2GrvRAAQACreating account EantcMh3pD8G7MNDMhonEsxj7YbEg1kem2khJVmgPwDy
Signature: 42Sa5eK9dMEQyvD9GMHuKxXf55WLZ7tfjabUKDhNoZRAxj9MsnN7omriWMEHXLea3aYpjZ862qocRLVikvkHkyfy
$ spl-token mint 6QSQ28juyiV5bkQ19AttaLPidtGDZbSKPbM2GrvRAAQA 2601706000
  • Send some of these to our solana (Phantom) wallet, 1 million will do.
$ spl-token transfer --fund-recipient 6QSQ28juyiV5bkQ19AttaLPidtGDZbSKPbM2GrvRAAQA 1000000 6DAjGaEsiYT5KDawvKSinteBVBaQyda6JVjXpqkjSq8sTransfer 1000000 tokens
Sender: EantcMh3pD8G7MNDMhonEsxj7YbEg1kem2khJVmgPwDy
Recipient: 6DAjGaEsiYT5KDawvKSinteBVBaQyda6JVjXpqkjSq8s
Recipient associated token account: F59618aQB8r6asXeMcB9jWuY6NEx1VduT9yFo1GTi1ks
Funding recipient: F59618aQB8r6asXeMcB9jWuY6NEx1VduT9yFo1GTi1ks (0.00203928 SOL)

Signature: 5Cce4rX5ZqqmkKiQ9rccuD3MZNZfhFhvmFjaNBxxu3bXBfBiUXGJUa1btmTKR68rQwdnczHHLUpNCGE1rfwtP97d

Add our logo, website and twitter account

Fork the solana labs token-list where we will add our logo and token information which will then show on solscan.

Create a new Fork

Fork so you have a copy of the repository to work with

Clone that fork

Clone so you can add your logo and information
git clone token-list
logo need to be under 200kb !
"chainId": 101,
"address": "6QSQ28juyiV5bkQ19AttaLPidtGDZbSKPbM2GrvRAAQA",
"symbol": "THEA",
"name": "Theadex",
"decimals": 9,
"logoURI": "",
"tags": [
"extensions": {
"twitter": "",
"website": ""

Time to create the market ID

Head over to dexlab connect your phantom wallet and complete the fields. We are creating a market for our THEA token and USDC

Then Add the Market

Complete the form

Now to create a pool where we can allow our token to be traded against USDC

Head over to dexlab to create the pool



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