(Hike)Victoria to Blackheath in the Blue Mountains, NSW

Blue Gum Forest hike from Mt Victoria train station to Blackheath train station

The hike took Just over 14h (12h moving time) and had an elevation gain of approx 1200m


The expectation was that we would start from the Mount Victoria train station around 9am, make our way up victoria falls road to the Narrow lookout where the Vic falls walking track starts. We would then make our way along here and we were hoping to get to the lookout at blackheath by sunset (around 8pm)

Getting there and back

Train from central at 0730 which would get us to Mt Victoria at 0950am. The return plan was to get a train from Blackheath back to central. With the last train leaving at about 1030pm so we thought that we had plenty of time

It was about a 7km walk to the start of the track, which consisted of road and firetrail walking

The bush got reasonably dense, and often it was difficult to find the trail

Making use of the water tablets to do some refilling!

The view at the bottom of the falls was pretty special

Blue gum forest

Some serious flood and fire damage on the trails

Bit more night hiking

14 hours later! with some sore legs and feet. Not to mention a few mozzie bites

The summary of events:

Took us about 6 hours longer than expected which was due to us having some inexperienced hikers, the night-time hiking and a track that had suffered a lot of fire and water damage.

We also got back to late for the train so had to cab it home. BTW a cab from Blackheath to Pyrmont in Sydney is around (350 dollars!)

Alltrails result



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Scott Griffiths

Scott Griffiths

Engineer, Consultant, Trainer, Learner, SRE, DevOps and Hiker