Performance Engineering — The Reliability Edition

This is a look at how a solid Performance Engineering strategy that uses Reliability principles and DevOps idealisms to complement and strengthen current or proposed performance initiatives

These approaches attempt to achieve better business cohesion, reliability and velocity benefits. To do this we can look at applying various methodologies from Performance Engineering using a Shift left and Move Right approaches that extend Traditional Performance Testing techniques

In a Nutshell

A Look at Performance Engineering

The Performance Engineering Model

Traditional Performance Testing

Shift Left Approach

Move Right Approach

Measurements and Observability

With the view to obtain an current state view of our applications performance in each environment and at each stage of the SDLC these are then compared against our business performance exceptions defined in the SLO and enforced in the SLI


A balanced performance strategy that is applied at each stage of the SDLC, that uses guidance from RE principles provides a more well rounded verification process and in turn lead to a culture of empathy, encourage collaboration, reduce delivery cycle duration and mitigate the chance of deploying underperforming software



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