Software Test Automation→ The Functional checks

  • Unit
  • Integration
  • Infrastructure
  • API (Application programming interface)
  • UI (User interface)
  • Security

The Unit Test

A fast running test done against a method or function that looks to validate its behaviour Due to their quick feedback they are ideal for running locally, in the CI pipeline and as the 1st check in the CD pipeline

The Integration Test

Used to confirm integration with other dependencies (apis, databases, message hubs). They provide fast feedback, Useful to determine you are interacting correctly with the required dependencies

The Infrastructure Test

Used to verify infrastructure behaviour and can include checks on directory permissions, running processes and services, open ports, node counts, storage accounts etc.

The API Test

The API test often triggers off a sequence of actions. You send a request and expect a particular response code with the right payload

The UI Test

Used to validate actions/reactions with a browser

The Security Test

A complex topic, however at a high level we want to know whether we have exposed yourself to vulnerabilities in our code, containers and infrastructure

Automation Observability

We want to understand how all of our different suites of automation are performing across all environments at any one time To do this we need to collate the data from each source and present that back as something useful, Such as a dashboard




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